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Farmland Assessment Filing Season Approaching, Ends July 31

The deadline for filing for Farmland Assessment is August 1, 2018.  There are no extensions on this deadline.  We look forward to seeing our clients in June or July (or receiving their information through the mail).  As discussed in our instructions (see link below), we are offering a discount for all clients who bring or mail in their forms and provide payment on or before July 13.

As a reminder, our instructions to our clients can be downloaded by clicking here.  A questionnaire to help organize your thoughts and paperwork can be found by clicking here.  Our calendar showing our business hours can be opened by clicking here.  And lastly directions to our office are found by clicking here.

Please note that if you wait until the last two days of the season -- and we must remind you several times -- we will charge a Premium Service Fee for the extra service of reaching out during our exceptionally busy season.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (908) 781-6711 or e-mail us.


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Practicing sustainable forestry  works to:

  • Protect water quality
  • Increase water yield
  • Promote forest health
  • Restore damaged forest ecosystems
  • Promote wildlife through the creation of habitat
  • Yield renewable forest products